Ruby FIT

Written by Giulio Piancastelli:
FitServer by .MicahMartin[?]


See the RubyForge[?] FIT project at and install RubyFIT as a gem in your Ruby environment. From the RubyFIT gem installation directory you can then reference the FitServer.rb script as it is shown in the Usage section below.

(Older download, not the latest RubyFIT version, perhaps to be deleted from this page: http://files/fit/ruby/


Ruby FIT... Awesome! It is, however, a bare-bones implementation of FIT 1.1. It does not support many of the Fitnesse specific features.


Unzip into your fitnesse directory.
Set the COMMAND_PATTERN like so:
!define COMMAND_PATTERN {ruby -I %p ruby/bin/FitServer.rb}

You can use an option -v to make FitServer verbose.

variable defined: COMMAND_PATTERN=ruby -I %p ruby/bin/FitServer.rb -v

numerator denominator quotient()
4 2 2
9 3 3
16 4 4
25 5 5
1 3 0.3333333